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 Kitchen Ranges

Our kitchen ranges showcase a diverse and stylish collection that caters to a wide spectrum of tastes and preferences. Whether you're drawn to the timeless elegance of traditional designs, the sleek modern aesthetics of contemporary styles, or the rustic charm of farmhouse-inspired kitchens, we have a range for you. Our carefully curated selection encompasses an array of finishes, materials and configurations to suit various spaces and budgets.

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Oxford range.jpg
Oxford ranhe, in-frame in indigo.jpg


The Oxford range is a smooth matt painted shaker design door, that reinvigorate's the shaker door design with a more contemporary narrower frame width and a simple one piece construction. Our Oxford range is available in a range of easy on the eye colours.

Lucente Matt White Main.jpg


The Lucente Range is a gloss handleless door, if you want minimalist contemporary kitchen with multiple colour choices, then this is for you. The Lucente offer a true j pull handleless door design that results in clean lines.

Vivo Gloss_Vero_DustGrey_Main_graphiterail_RGB_WEB.jpg

Vivo+ True Handleless

The vivo + true handleless are a growing trend, gloss doors and clean aluminium runs finish this style kitchen, giving you a minimalist clean look to your kitchen also available in a selection of colours.

Vivo Gloss Cashmere for Vero_Cameo.jpg


The stratto range is a matt shaker design door, perfectly placed within our classic contemporary choices. utilising the classic shaker design in a smooth matt finish, this kitchen is also available in a selection of colours.

Stratto_Dust Grey_Cameo_CMYK.jpg


the Cambridge range is a real timber shaker design, true timber fascias have represented a quality choice in kitchens for decades. The Cambridge range provides both quality and a contemporary twist with 6 painted colours complementing the wood finish.

Cambridge_Mussel_Oak_Cameo A.jpg
Vivo Matt Indigo_Main_CMYK.jpg
Vivo Matt_White_Cameo_B.jpg


The vivo + range is a  slab designed door, this is a modern timeless kitchen that is easy to maintain at the same time. enjoy straight lines and curves with this beautifully designed kitchen, available in a verity of colour options.



If your searching for the ultimate traditional kitchen  then you've found it! Windsor doors are constructed from timber in a 5 piece shaker door with internal beading around the frame to provide even more definition. 

Windsor_French Grey_Cameo.jpg


The Newmarket range is the epitome of classic contemporary kitchens. Combining a classic timber substrate with a fashionable narrow frame width and on trend paint colours.

Grantham in light grey.jpg


The Grantham range is the ultimate electric kitchen, manufactured from traditional timber. Contemporary narrow frame width and a painted finish.

Grantham range avaliable in dust grey.jpg


The Linear range is a textured slab style door, bringing a Scandinavian feel to your kitchen. The linear range is also available in a germanic influenced rail system offering a selection of natural textured door colours from truffle brown oak to anthracite mountain larch.

Cartmel range butlers pantry finished in solid timber.jpg

Butler Pantry and corner storage

Our butler pantry, exquisitely crafted with oak internals, is a testament to both functionality and luxurious design. The solid oak construction not only exudes warmth and sophistication but also offer durability and longevity. The corner unit provides exceptional storage solutions, making the most of every inch of available space.

Vivo matt corner tall unit .jpg

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